Time to come clean on police cuts – Clive Grunshaw

Clive Grunshaw, Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for  Lancashire, has set out a challenge to his Tory opponent Tim Ashton to come clean on police cuts.

Clive Grunshaw, Labour’s Police & Crime Commissioner candidate said:

“It is outrageous that Tim Ashton has not said where he stands on police cuts in Lancashire. But seeing as David Cameron didn’t even mention police or crime in his conference speech – and the Conservative’s Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell seems to think they are plebs – I’m not all that surprised.

“People here in Lancashire want to know whether the safety of their communities is a higher priority for you than being a cheerleader for the Government’s police cuts which are damaging our police to such an extent. The safety of Lancashire is too important for you to continue to remain silent on where you stand.

“Either you are standing up for people in Lancashire against the Tory-led Government’s cuts to 550 police officers, or you are standing up for David Cameron despite the damage he is doing to policing in this area and the risk this poses to the safety of our communities.

“It’s about time Tim Ashton sets out once and for all what he thinks about the loss of over 550 police officers in Lancashire as a result of his Government’s cuts. It’s time to  come clean.”

Press Contact: : Simon_Greenhalgh@labour.org.uk